Radical tenderness - some late night scenographic thougts


Day 16. This has caught my attention: "The Radical Tenderness* Manifesto is an embodied poetic exercise of resistance where we dive into this seemingly oxy-moronic term asking ourselves: 'how can radical be tender - and tenderness be radical - in our alliances, our communities, and our interpersonal relationships?" More here: https://danidemilia.com/radical-tenderness/</p>

To me this has a lot to do with scenography and its capacity to really have an impact, to really mobilize resources, to really contribute to making and shifting worlds. Small scalle, or really large scale actions. A photograph on the screen of a sourdough bread I made a few years ago, for mother. The taste, the smell, the really scruffy surface. The memories the image evokes. Taste through the visual, across the digital I must be hungry...have been writing dance-scenography history until now. And also, future activities, caring and sharing history...

Thanks to Catharine Cary for the Radical tenderness manifesto. In return I will send through an article on Radical empathy. Michelle Caswell och Marika Cifor, "From Human Rights to Feminist Ethics: Radical Empathy in the Archives", Archivaria 81 (Spring), 2016. Highly recommended. 

Photo credit: Astrid von Rosen
Photo credit: Astrid von Rosen