Mobilizing jazz dance archives - digging beyond institutions


Day 47. I am dreaming up a large scale picture of jazz dancers, early 1970's, Marchant Dance Theater (first called Gothenburg Modern Dance Ensemble) in Gothenburg. Claude Marchant 1919-2004, is no longer with us, but Bo Westerholm is. The legacy is alive, I call, and Bo is in his car, busy as always. Yes, he will look in his archive, do some digging. He believes ha has some really good pictures there. A picture on a wall, in the exhibitions space. Better than nothing, and definitely a mark saying that there was dance in the city at this specific period of time. Next year, 2019, we can celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Claude Marchant! I hope the small exhibition at the university library, now in November, can contribute to more materials and memories surfacing.