Scenographic candy


Day 15. A verly long but also very rewarding day in the archives (including the body as archive!). More will follow when I have digested the findings. When waiting, some late Friday scenographic candy:

Some useful thoughts on what scenography does, from Arnold Aronson's "Introduction" to The Routledge Companion to Scenography (2017):

"It is perhaps time that 'scenographic studies' emerges as a fully developed discipline to stand beside performance studies." (p. 4)

"[...] scenography as the creation and the telling of a story through scenic means rather than linguistic narrative." (p. 6)

"Every possible element of a theatrical production affects every other one. This is scenography." (p. 8)

"Who is the scenographer? [...] Scenography remains at the heart of performance and production, but the identity of the scenographer is udner pressure." (p. 10-11)

"[...] then the purly visual, concrete, and semiotic aspects of scenography are being replaced by the spatial, the temporal, and the intangible." (p. 12)

"Scenography provides the concrete language that addresses the enormous perceptual complexities of the performative event." (p. 13)

So, in love with compexity. Bare feet on the floor, in resonance with the world as it happens...