Scoring Scenography


Day 61. How to write with and in relation to scenography and scenographics? I try scoring, for the chapter: "I will now move on to make a scenographic score for Götaplatsens trappor. Following performance theorist and performance maker Bojana Cvejić a score is a method for bringing together different parts of an analysis of a durational artistic creation, including archival materials, interviews with makers and performers and so forth, into a chronological, written unfolding of the work. While Cvejić's score foregrounds a choreographer perspective, I will employ the method from a scenographic point of view, placing Rubicon's dancers center stage in a multimodal and situated mobilization of resources. While the score does not notate every detail of the choreography and dance, it rather operates like a "scholarly or critical edition" of a work. It "employs careful scholarship - historical knowledge, deductive skills, and artistic practice" to add missing contexts, provide critical reports on unclear features and discuss tacit knowledge. (Cvejić 2017, 56)

I gave also worked alot with montage, and still do so, but wanted to link with up as well as test Bojana Cvejić's method.