Scenography and Scenographics: Back in Gothenburg


Day 31. Working on the introduction to Scenography and Art History. Reading a new book, Beyond Scenography, that travelled with me to Guildford and back home. 

I note: In Beyond Scenography (2018), performance scholar Rachel Hann "offers a manifesto for a renewed theory of scenographic practice." While acknowledging the concept of expanded scenography she specifically argues for the productiveness of making a distinction between scenography "as place orientation", and scenographics, as "that which orientate interventional acts of worlding". Hann states that "in order to investigate the blurred boundaries between scenography and other disciplinary contexts - be that practices of interior design or protest - it is productive to consider the critical potentials of scenographics beyond scenography." (Hann 2018, 17).

I will have to write about the little building, church, - a piece of Sweden - I put on stage in Guildford, at the conference. It made all the difference, it seems...It became possible to talk and move, scenograph dance history, or some of it, a fraction, in motion. Picture from the Critical Costume conference. Some colour. Not totally Nordic Noir. But the Noir it is there as scenographics, lurking behind the building, and around my legs, and the floor is full of it. 

Photo credit: Rachel Hann
Photo credit: Rachel Hann