Playing with nordic noir - scenographing the webpage


Day 3. The Nordic Scenography website turned out to be more artistic than I thought it would be. I spend hours choosing and arranging the black and white pictures used as senographic co-creative agents (not background!) for the various sections. 

I use the "free" version of the page, and this of course limits what I can do, but on the other hand limitations are really useful: things get done, the possibilities are not endless.

The choice of black and white photographes? I play with the crime fiction genre nordic noir. This is what wikipedia says anout the genre: "Nordic noir, also known as Scandinavian noir or Scandi noir, is a genre of crime fiction written from a police point of view. The language is plain and deliberately avoids metaphor, the settings often have bleak landscapes, and the mood is dark and morally complex. The genre depicts a tension between the apparently still and bland social surface in the Nordic countries, and the murder, misogyny, rape, and racism it depicts as lying underneath. It contrasts with the whodunit style such as the English country house murder mystery. Frequently featuring a female protagonist, the popularity of the genre has extended to film and television, such as The Killing and its American adaptation, Marcella, and The Bridge and its French-British and American adaptations." (, 2018-08-19).

I use pictures from my family vacations in the Swedish countryside, and several of them shows my mother, 82 years old, and not a social media user. Ethics? More to ponder here.