Scenographic writing - notes from Critical Costume 2018


Day 32. Music that haunt me: the times are a-changin'. Inspired by Critical Costume, I am testing pieces of scenographic writing for the Scenography and Art history book. Some intro.

Viveka sprays a stinking rich combination of semen, sweat, blood and saliva on small pieces of paper. The attendants reach out, sniff, whisper and laugh, and the rather ascetic workshop space transforms into a multisensorial module for exploring research into critical costume. Scent is an amorphous costume that crafts human and non-human actors in a dance moving far beyond traditional art history.

Astrid leaves her place behind the lectern to place a small building on the floor below the large slide of a dancer hugging a tree. Albeit small, the building positioned on the vast black and rather dirty plastic mat, powerfully shifts the scale of the situation. Becoming giants, audience members help scenographing dance history as a transformational space with and beyond the digital art archive. 

Photo credit: Astrid von Rosen
Photo credit: Astrid von Rosen