Research Day: We talk scenography!


We talk about our book project with I B Tauris / Bloomsbury: 
Scenography and Art History: Performance Design and Visual Culture 

The project reimagines scenography as a critical concept for art history. It demonstrates new applications of the concept within art history, analysing phenomena such as live concerts, fashion, costume and dance activism. It aims to extend the existing literature by demonstrating the importance of a reimagined scenography for comprehending historical and contemporary art histories and visual cultures more broadly.

Presenters: Astrid von Rosen - docent i konst- och bildvetenskap, Viveka Kjellmer - universitetslektor i konst- och bildvetenskap, Olga Nikolaeva - doktorand i konst- och bildvetenskap, Christine Sjöberg - doktorand i konst- och bildvetenskap