Saturday Night Scenography: New Blog

Regrets by Niclas Rydén and creative team. Picture credit Beata Rydén
Regrets by Niclas Rydén and creative team. Picture credit Beata Rydén

I have admittedly missed blogging. The space is useful for scenographic thinking and dialogue. So, from today, a new blog with and beyond scenography each Saturday. Saturday Night Scenography...

Some rules to follow and break. Publish every Saturday. Mobilize scenographic writing. Desire pictures beyond boring. Always credit creators. Theorize. Be personal. 

The picure for this blog comes from the surrealist electronic opera Regrets ( by Niklas Rydén and the picure is cretade by Beata Rydén - thanks for allowing me to publish it here. On the opera: Saw it tonight, and it inspired me to take up the scenography blogging again. A small scale, sort of cosy, yet sublime, heartening sort of opera on Death. On Life. Swan-angels, stuff. Ice age in motion. Audience Care. Medication. Heart beats. Machine music. All of it wonderfully scenographic. Really award winning. Awarded here with some lines from scenography  theoretician Rachel Hann's manifesto on the power and magics of the scenographic: 

"Scenographics irritate the disciplined orders of world.

A scenography of orientation is a scenography of feeling.

Skenographia has many legacies.

Scenography has exceeded the scenographer. 

Scenography is not set; scenography happens.

There are no stages without scenographics.

While all scenography is scenographic, not all that is scenographic is scenography. 

Whereras slow architecture pertains to monumentality, fast architecture is scenographic.

Scenographics score acts of worlding."

Quoted from Rachel Hann, Beyond Scenography, Routledge 2018.