Mette Ingvartsen Scenographing "To Come (Extended)"


Day 62. In Stockholm at Dansens hus with long term friend Henrika Florén. Experiencing Mette Ingvartsen's "To Come (Extended"). I focus on "scenographing" because I am interested in what the dancing in space triggers in us and with us. 

Three sections: (1) smurf blue people form pornographic scuplture (think art history coming real in blue body condoms) or dance group photo (think turn of the century 1900 and posing nude for the art lovers) against a white backdrop and floor. (2) Choir or cheering supporters coming together in body and voice against a light green drapery. White shoes. And all the connotations that brings with it. (3) Dancing naked, a bit wild, very different bodies, social dancing /gymnastics uncovered until exhaustion. Cheering, laughing (a release of tension) audience. We loved it!