Livestream - scenographing dance history


Day 29 (for my scenographic diary). Presented "Costume as trickster trace: Troubling the dance archive" today - and felt engaged and welcomed in the scenograpic space of Critical Costume. Not a native speaker, have to live with that. Brought a Swedish object on stage, to resonate with this, and make a transitional space come alive. It is all on livestream (all three conference days are!) See: Day 3 of #criticalcostume2018 is being live streamed from 10am on YouTube. It starts with two 20min performances and a panel (this is my presentation) Also some nice tweets:

Highly recommended to look at ALL the presentations livestreamed, so much good critical thinking and actions in there! I also filmed Viveka Kjellmer's presentation (not livestreamed), so hopefully it will be shared in a not too distant future.

To be noted: a livestream is NOT the same thing as the live event, but it certainly helps sharing the work. 

Picture: Me performing. Some colour in the nordic noir style of this diary...

Photo credit: Viveka Kjellmer
Photo credit: Viveka Kjellmer