Dig Where You Stand - Workshop


Day 41. Workshop on Sven Lindqvist's Gräv där du står (Dig Where You Stand (DWYS)) in 1978. When published in 1978 Gräv där du står was a critical intervention into the conflict between the competing narratives of workers history and more dominant and pervasive elite histories. It managed to unite a general leftist zeitgeist of democratizing cultural and knowledge production with the concrete task of empowering workers to create their own history. The book is also a living document. Questions: What does it mean to read it och work with it today beyond the mere inspirational aspect? In what ways does DWYS evoke critically productive approaches to history and history making in today's globalizing societies? For me, the book as active agent and archive, can be understood as a critical montage, a worldmaking device, it presents a way to scenography worlds, be it the worlds of cement workers or independent dancers.