Costume agency: Critical Costume web library now open!


We are happy to contribute to the Critical Costume on-line conference and web library. Please join us, spread the word and feel free to share the on-line reference library with presentations and flash talks about the latest in costume theory and practice. See our videos here!

Astrid on "Coloured Costume Ecologies: Black Dances, White Bodies, Swedish Settings" Video here

Viveka on "Smelling Violet Chachki: Olfactory Costuming and the Act of Perfuming as Resistance" Video here

Critical Costume 2020 focuses on the agency of costume in performance, costume as the main performer and the costume designer as the initiator of performance. The online conference explores different ways in which costume performs, different genres and formats it initiates, but also specific dramaturgical strategies that are ingrained in costume, and are probably yet to be used to their full potential.

Critical Costume 2020 takes place online:

  • An online Video Library of paper presentations and flash talks launched August 8th
  • 40 Working Groups - online discussions August 21st - 23rd
  • 3 online Panel Discussions in autumn 2020
  • Critical Costume 2020 Exhibition will be online from August 21st

The conference is open to the public and there is no conference fee.

Link here