Scenography is sexy


Day 1. Friday. I am Astrid, a middle aged Swedish academic (art historian) and former dancer (classical ballet, dance theatre, experimental work), currently employed at the University of Gothenburg. 

Challenge: Every day, a blog on scenography (in the broadest definition of the term). Start: August 17, 2018. End: December 17, 2018. The blogs are diary entries. I will write about my life with scenography.

Why? Because I believe scenography is sexy and I have an urge to write about that. Frankly, I am bored with being faced with the "oh, you research scenography...discussion dies...person tries to avoid me (a lot of academic contexts). Or the "oh, you mean xenography (audience member at Stanford conference looking very puzzled)? Or "background in the theatre...scenography belonging to art history...discussion dies (art historians I work with) ? Or "reviewing your scenography book? No, well, it is not relevant for a larger readership..." (editor at the local paper).

The blog, I hope, will provide a space for being a bit personal on scenographic love, sex, intimacy, passion. A space for talking differently about scenography, scenographic thinking, writing, making.

Me at Narven in Östergötland, summer 2016. Mrs Patmore style.
Me at Narven in Östergötland, summer 2016. Mrs Patmore style.

Inspiration: Together with my boyfriend I watched Julie and Julia (2009) an American cooking drama, based on a blog story. The blog idea stayed with me, so here we go.

Over and out. More tomorrow.